Following the release of “Mercy” Renowned Gospel Minister, Lilian Nneji shares a brand new song tagged Ntughari (Turn Around)

Lilian Nneji has been consistent in the music scene over time and her consistency has been key in her ever-rising music career

According to her, Psalm 19 vs 1 tells us that The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork ….. Ntughari is one song that reassures us of God’s mighty power and authority to change any situation. Ntughari was written from a heart surrendered completely to God, If he can turn around the lives of Hannah, Sarah, Jabez, Joseph and Job then I am super super sure that our situations can still experience a turnaround!



Lilian Nneji – Ntughari (Turn Around) Lyrics 


Call:Eligwe n'aja gi ima

(The Heavens adore you )

Resp : Onye oma mu o

(My good God)

Call: Umu uwa n'enye gi ekele o

(The earth gives you Praise )

Resp: igbe n'eche ndu

(The one who watches over life )

Call: Ha na si gi imara mma

(They declare you are good )

Resp: Mmara nma

(You are good)

Ha si ni idi ebube,

(They say you are glorious )

Resp: Ebube (Glory )

Call: umu uwa si ni ikwesiri iri ekele

(The Earth proclaim you deserve all the praise )

Resp : Odommiri Bethsaida

(The one at the pool of Bethsaida )


1. Sarah nwayi Agha, iyeren ya ntughari

(Sarah the barren woman, you gave her a turnaround )

Hannah nwayi Agha le, iyeren ya ntughari

( Hannah the barren,  you gave her a turnaround

Jabez nwoke ogbeyen, iyeren ya ntughari

(Jabez the poor one,you gave a turnaround )

Chi mara obim mu o

(The God that knows the heart )

Resp:Odommiri Bethsaidah

(The one at the pool of Bethsaida )


Solo 2

Joseph nwa Jacob, iyeren ya ntughari

(Joseph son of Jacob, you gave him a turnaround )

Mary nwa mama o, iyeren ya ntughari  

(Mary daughter of a mother )

Job nwoke oma gi e iyeren ya ntughari

( Job a good man, You gave him a turnaround )

Chi ma ra obim mu o

(The God that knows my heart )

Resp: Odommiri Bethsaidah

(The one at the pool of Bethsaidah )

Chorus :

Bridge: Ihe ni'le ga bu o...Ntughari X2

Oga bu o Ntughari X2

Ihe ni'le ga bu Ntughari Ntughari ni ihi mu o (Everything will turn around for my sake)


Hallelu Hallelu Halleluya Halleluya

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