Akuchay releases new single titled PRAISE HIM.

It was the 7th of January 2020, Akuchay was in a car accident while being pregnant, and this occurrence set in motion a series of events that led her down a dark and long road. The song PRAISE HIM came to her and helped in finding her way back and it continues to bless her everyday still. It can bless you and your loved ones too. 

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When life hurts, and you’re feeling sad & blue

There is one thing to do

praise his name

Cos that’s what’s activates your faith

You know it’s not too late

To confuse/shame the enemy

So start today!

In your darkest hour

Praise him (Backing Vocal)

Through the stormy weather

Praise him (Backing vocal)

When there seems no way

Praise him (Backing vocal)

Let us praise him everyday

Praise him (Backing vocal)

Chorus x2

Sing oh

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh (Backing vocal)

Oh oh oh

Oh oh oh oh

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

I’ll praise him through the good times

and more so in the bad times

Oh he will never leave me

Jesus will set me free/ That’s why we sing

Oh oh oh oh.. (Backing vocal)

About Artiste

Akuchay is a Canadian based singer songwriter, born and raised in Nigeria. She's married and blessed with 3 beautiful children and supported by a loving husband.

Her love of music began at a very young age and she has been privileged to work alongside some amazing talent by being a part of the church choir at RCCG Wisdom Chapel, HOTR Ibadan and CWC Surrey BC in Canada.

Akuchay hopes lovers of God and good music will join her on this incredible musical journey as we honour our God, the Sovereign King who reigns forevermore.


Instagram/Twitter: @iamakuchay

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