I remember vividly an incident that happened several years ago that totally convinced me that God is a revealer of secrets and that nothing is hidden from him.

It came to pass that I was invited to a private hospital by a brother whose pregnant wife was on admission at the hospital. The woman had been in a state of prolonged labour. The woman had been in labour for almost a day and the baby was not coming out. She was in severe pains. 

The doctor had even started contemplating surgery. But the husband remembered a dream he had some days earlier in which he saw the wife being wheeled out dead from the theatre after surgery. This made him scared of agreeing to the idea of surgery being suggested by the doctor. 

This was where I was now brought in for prayers.

On getting to the hospital, I met the husband and his mother at the reception while the woman was labouring in the labour room. I did not waste time in engaging in fervent prayers with the husband right there at the hospital premises. 

While praying with the husband, I could hear it clearly in my spirit, "If this lady goes through surgery, she would not make it out alive. What is happening to her is the work of the enemies"

Now do not get me wrong! There is nothing wrong with a woman in labour going through a Caesarian section if the labour is too prolonged and her life is at stake. But on this particular occasion, the enemies have strategically positioned themselves to take advantage of the situation to take her life. So this was a peculiar situation.

As we kept on praying and rebuking the devil, the Spirit suddenly urged me to take a good look at the woman's mother in law. I looked at her and noticed she was sitting on something that looked like a knotted wrapper. Actually, she was seated on a bench at the reception but on a knotted wrapper. The Spirit said, "If she does not stand up, that woman will not be delivered of the baby through normal delivery. She's sitting on the baby in her daughter in law's womb using that wrapper as a point of contact and this is why the baby is not coming out"

There are revelations that hit you at times in the place of prayer that makes you vibrate. This particular revelation was one of such. Instantly I began to speak in tongues within me.

I looked at the woman and said, "Mama, please stand up and join us in prayers" 

"No, Pastor, I can't stand up o, please pardon me, you know I'm an elderly person, so I don't have the energy of young people" she replied.

Knowing what the Spirit had revealed to me and also feeling the pain of that woman in the labour ward, I grew angry with the satanic deception I was witnessing. 

I don't know about you, but I know some ministers of God reading this post can bear me witness that there are times you have to put your home training aside when you want to confront the enemy on certain occasions.

"Mama, if you don't get up right now, you will see the anger of God" I spoke out boldly, wondering what was making me so bold.

The husband too was a bit shocked at the boldness with which I was addressing his mother, but knowing me to be a man that follows the leading of the Spirit, he must have concluded that I probably knew what I was doing, so he didn't intervene. The nurse at the reception too was calm.

"Pastor, are you talking to me like that?" The woman asked feigning anger and embarrassment.

"Mama, I'm not the one talking to you. It's God that is talking through me to you. If you don't get up from that seat, I'll personally force you to stand up, ma" I threatened.

The woman reluctantly and angrily rose up from the seat and I picked the wrapper up from the bench. In less than ten to fifteen minutes, the doctor came out and told us the wife had been successfully delivered of a bouncing baby boy through normal delivery.

A lot of drama happened after this incident whose details I will not disclose here. But God was glorified and the devil was put into permanent shame.

I decree into the life of someone reading this post: Every enemy pretending to be your friend, every enemy behind your affliction that is pretending to be on your side, the God of heaven will expose and disgrace them before the end of this month in the mighty name of Jesus

Rev. Akinola Tunde
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