Amos 3:3 "Can two walk together except they be agreed?"

Everyone has a PERSONILTY TYPE, and then beyond personality type, PASSIONS. 

You must take cognizance of this when falling in love and saying I DO.

Don't marry someone with PASSIONS extremely different from yours.
Don't marry someone whose LIFESTYLE is a far cry from yours just because you want to be married or because they are Nice. 

Marriage works because the couple have mutual interests and passions in core areas of life. 

And Marriages break and couples get pulled apart because the couple have very contrasting Passions that lead to arguments and fights daily. 

If you are a party type, marry a party type. 

If you are a herbalist, marry a herbalist

If you are a Marlian, marry a Marlian

If you know you love church, praying, and bible study, don't marry someone who doesn't even go to church, nor takes prayer and Bible study serious... Otherwise..... 

There's nothing as sweet as husband and Wife doing things together.

Praying Together.

Reading together.

Going to Parties together (if that's your thing) 

Rasing the kids together with a mutual life pattern and principles. .
Not one that confuses the kids.
Daddy is doing one thing, Mummy is teaching another...

Don't Marry someone you will start forcing to change after you marry them. Marry Well 

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