(A Transcript of 4th Service at Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland-today)

*As Bishop Oyedepo signals commencement of 21 days fasting and prayer from tomorrow-6th January.
*You will never meet an empowered child of God not given to fasting and prayer.
*Use today to define your goals and objectives.
*Says ‘I am a multi-billion kingdom promoter and I have never begged.

* Are you glad to see the First Sunday in the year 2020? You will be there in  the last Sunday of this year, IN YOUR NEW STATUS. You will be there in the last Sunday of next year as Jesus tarries. The days of mourning in your household is over!!
* Somebody's word is coming in this service that will lead to your era of 360 degrees Turnaround. 
* The year 2020 shall be a wonder year for you and it's starting from these 21 Days of fasting and prayers in the name of Jesus.
* Many Limit Breakers shall emerge from the platform of these 21 Days Prayer and Fasting. 
* This 21 Days is ordained to turn you to a Commander of Supernatural Breakthroughs and that shall be your experience.
* Luke 4:14, 37 These 21 days prayer and fasting will open up your destiny on to new levels. 
* This year you are walking into new levels of spiritual authority. 
- Reach out for the empowerment content of  fasting. When you are in command, you are in command.
* You are changing level this week. EVERY 3 DAYS, YOU WILL BE SCALING NEW HEIGHTS.Church Gist.
* My prayer is that today and this season of fasting will mark the end of struggles in your life. 
* My prayer is that this Fasting Season will lead to outbreak of Light in every area of your concern. 
* The Year 2020 is a most pregnant year for us in the Winners Family:
1.  It's the end of the 21st Shiloh. And at the end of every 7 years, thou shall make a release Deut 15:1. GOD HAS ORDAINED YOUR RELEASE FOR THIS YEAR. 
- In this your year of release, it is also YOUR YEAR OF ENTHRONEMENT.
- God has ordained the end of your slavery and servitude. Deut 15:1, Psalm 105:17-22. Your slavery is over, your captivity is over, your struggling for survival is over. YOU ARE GOING FREE THIS YEAR:
- Free from every satanic molestation.
- Free from every satanic harassment.
- In the name of Jesus, the end has come to your slavery.
- This is your year. Say with me " This is my time of visitation."
- Your genuine engagement on the altar of prayer and fasting will bring you diverse visitations. You will have genuine encounters this year.
2. We are in the 5th Year of the Wonder Double Visitation as a Church. The 5th year began in May last year and it's on now. What's the implication of the 5th year? 
- Hosea 12:10, Leviticus 19:23, 25. The fifth year wonder. The Chinese Bamboo that grows only to be 4 feet tall in 4 years, but in the 5th year shoots to be 90 feet tall (22 times over). The 5th year is ordained for 360 degrees Turnaround:
- This church began in September 1989, we were 234 people in that service after a 4 days seminar. But by 1993, the church had grown above 3,000. By 1994 (the next 5th year), the Church has shot up to 10,000 plus. By 1999 (the next 5th year), it had shot up to 50,000. How real is this Wonder God! That is raw confirmation of Leviticus 19:23-30. That is a confirmation of the Chinese Bamboo tree that is only 4 feet in 4 years and grows to be 90 feet in the 5th year.
- There are many Chinese Bamboo personalities in this service today:
- Nobody could locate where you are but YOU WILL BECOME THE CENTRE OF ATTRACTION.
- You will become a landmark entity. 
- The last 4 years, we planted just about 500 churches, at an average of 140 per year. But as we stepped into the 5th year, He planted 5,082 churches in Nigeria.
* While this 5th year continues, your Dramatic, Supernatural Change of Levels Continues.
* Therefore take full advantage of these 21 days of Prayer and Fasting to secure your launch into your realm of No Limits. You will get there.
* Two main things are tied to the last days:
1. Power Psalm 110:1-3. Power from the scriptures is facilitated by prayers and fasting. Empowerment requires our committment to praying and fasting. You will never meet an empowered child of God that is not given to fasting. You will never meet an empowered church that does not subscribe to fasting and prayer (You will never find one). To be a partaker of His power, you must subscribe to the demands of prayer and fasting. 
2. Supernatural Wealth: Zechariah 1:17 The expansion of the Kingdom requires massive financial resources and God is seeking for worthy channels, faithful channels, through whom He will release His WEALTH (it's not your own). "He said: the silver is mine, the gold is mine; saith the Lord. I will shake the Heavens and the Earth." Heaven reckons with massive financial resources for earth shaking moves of the Spirit. Haggai 2:8.
*I am a Multi-Billion Kingdom Promoter. I have never begged. If He can count you faithful, He will make you a channel.*
- You are in for the best of times. Step into this fasting with a clear objective, I must return EMPOWERED into next levels. Empowerment is not pastors, it's not for apostles, it's not for prophets - EMPOWERMENT IS FOR EVERY BELIEVER.
* These 21 days of prayer and fasting, your level of power will change.
1. Define your goals and objectives. Don't leave it as it comes. Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy [is] he. Proverbs 29:18. Recognising that you are in your year of Breaking Limits, recognising that you are in your year of release. Recognising that you are in your 5th wonder year where story is changing Supernaturally.  
2. Come confessing and forsaking your sins, that will definitely constitute a barrier between you and God. "Whosoever covers his sin shall not prosper, but whosoever shall confess and forsake them shall have mercy." Proverbs 28:13. Isaiah 59:1-2, Psalm 66:18-19, Psalm 51, 1 John 1:8-9. Clear the barriers so that you don't make empty noise.Church Gist.
- God doesn't respond to ambiguities, He responds to Specifics. Mark 10:51. Define those areas of interest to you, those areas of concern, and get  the limits off your life.
3. Refuse to be offended in God.  You can't be offended in your Helper and expect to receive help. Matthew 11:6. John was offended in Christ, he got his beheaded.

If you line up with these tips, you will return: Transformed, Translated. Your mockers will go into hiding. 
4. Engage your heart in seeking the Lord. Jeremiah 29:13, Psalm 27:8. The preparation of the heart is what determines the answer from the Lord Proverbs 16:1. 1 Samuel 1:15, 1 Samuel 16:7.
Therefore use today to define your goals and objectives. 
* Let the first one be:  I must be empowered into my next levels. The limit is broken, I must be empowered into my next level. 
* The good news is this Breaking Limits Prophetic agenda covers all age groups. David stepped into it at 17, Abraham stepped into it at 75, Moses stepped into it at 80. It covers everybody. Stop aging with your age.Church Gist.
- Many will encounter light in these 21 days that will be like you are just starting life afresh. Some divine ideas will hit you on the prayer altar, in your break time that will open a new, complete new chapter to your life.
* As you partake of this communion, be strengthened with the spirit of might in your inner mind. The 21 days will be like 3 days because of the tempo of your engagement via the strength of the Lord as you partake of, from this table today. The next 21 days will be like one day to many of us:
- New Strength for prayers,
- New vigour for topical search.
- Whatever you seek God for in these 21 days, you shall find them in the name of Jesus.
* Whatever clears the way for this Commission, will start clearing the way for you. From now, every devil that fears this Commission will begin to fear your life.
* 21 days will be like ONE DAY FOR YOU. You will return with proofs that cannot be denied.
* No one returns with any sickness or disease from this Communion table. God is flushing them out.
* The next 21 days you will be flying. A little one among us, shall emerge a thousand. A small one, a strong nation. Isaiah 60:22, the Lord will hasten it in His time. There shall be speedy Turnaround in the name of Jesus.
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