Some people say they are observing tea fast, Daniel fast and all kinds of funny fasts.
I have a pastor friend who visited our home during a period of prayer and fasting. (He is not in this ministry).
I saw him at about 9am taking tea and I asked why?
He said he is observing a ‘Tea Fast’, that is he is fasting but he will be taking tea.
(I don’t know where he is in ministry today)
When we went together to the office, he heard there was a demon possessed woman so he went there.
Next thing I heard was a slap.
I looked outside and heard him shouting on the woman (who had slapped him):
“I will beat you, you think because I’m a pastor, I won’t beat you”?
When I got there, the woman bowed her head.

If your strength can take you to 3pm them break at 3pm.
Our church is fasting 21 days but pastors are doing 40 days.
Do where your strength can reach but don’t deceive yourself.
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