I got back from church stressed out and tired, as I knelt down to pray and give thanks for the service I was caught up in a vision; this happened in a twinkle of an eye. I saw a car run over a man shattering the head of the man.  With this vision came a strong burden to change what I have seen through prayers; this burden was so strong that I couldn't stop crying while I was praying. I prayed till the burden was lifted. 

The moment I finished praying I received a call that one of my children at the orphanage home was involved in an accident. According to the one who called me, the skull got opened because of the impact of the car that hit him.  I got to the place they were taking care of him, there was blood all over, he was treated and today He is bouncing and alive. 

Was the vision averted ? Yes it was.
Each time God brings a burden it is because He is bringing you to a point where you have a say in the legislation of what Is about to happen. Don't trivialize divine burden, you might be signing the death warrant of somebody when you do so.

In the real scope of things an intercessor is more powerful than a miracle worker. To every man standing tall, there are groups of men and women  praying tirelessly for him.

When you engage genuinely in intercession you'll come to a point where nothing will take place without God revealing it to you.

Respond to that burden to intercede today.

Pastor Femi Lazarus

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