Dear music minister!!!
You come for a meeting, you won't worship when someone else is leading worship but you want people to worship when you are the one leading! Why? What is wrong with you?
Worship is going on, you'll go and stay outside!
Worship is going on, you are reading Bible!
Worship is going on, you are Facebooking!
Worship is going on, you are chatting!
Worship is going on, you are making calls!
Imagine when it gets to your turn to sing and everybody in the meeting decides to behave like you, would you like it?
The one that annoys me most is you'll come late for a worship meeting because you'll send your manager or P.a to call the host to know when you are coming up to minister before you come and as soon as you finish ministering, you carry your band members and leave the hall! What is wrong with you? Is it pride or what?
Imagine everyone waits for their turn before coming for the program, what would it look like?
If you have another meeting somewhere,it's understandable but even at that, come early.
Please repent because it's obvious you've not repented!
My Name is Sunny Pee!!!
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