One of my senior colleagues asked me one time, many years ago; 
He said "Bro David, I learnt you got a car";
I said "Yes, God gave me a very fantastic car";
He said "Did I hear it's a Volkswagen Beetle";
I said "Yes", he did like this (sign of 'God forbid'). That was a big car, fantastic car, provided by God and I celebrated Him. 
Everything in your hand looks too small to appreciate God for, that is why you've not changed level. 

"Who dash Monkey banana?" You know how many Nigerians who have never touched the steering of a car in their lives? They will be in millions and I think tens of millions because you can tell how many cars are in this country. Amen and you are turning steering, how?Praise God. CONTENTMENT.

The sad part of that is that the man who said that to me, (I don't know but in case he has), that he has ever bought a car for himself. The last thing I knew, he hasn't and we started flying 1996. 

Appreciate God for where you are, it's the only way to your next level. 
One year, my wife and I gave 23 cars out. How many? 23
Appreciate God for where you are, it's the only way to access your next level. Stop bragging, stop bullying your shoulders, what is in your hand now is what He sees you fit for. 

* Godliness with contentment will keep changing your levels.
* Godliness without trying to read negative meanings in the life of those who are making progress. 
"You see, that man, I think he must be stealing something in their office; that woman, I think..."
You know: WHATEVER YOU DETEST YOU'LL NEVER NEVER ACCESS - goodwill to all men. 

* Stop reading negative meanings to those who are going forward, otherwise you'll never find your way forward. Have goodwill. 
Somebody is making good sale, find out what he is doing - he is always praising God for every sale he makes, so from 1,000 to 2,000; 2,000 to 10,000; 10,000 to 100,000. (While) You're always complaining, that is why you are not going up. Find out. Thank You Jesus.
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