All Glory (gbogbo ogo) is a song that reminds us that God is so serious about His glory, (Isa 42:8). Our sinful nature often tries to grab all glory for himself. Or we may give glory to others instead of our loving God. Some even ascribe glory to inanimate objects claiming them to be God. God says he will not give  his glory/praise to idol even though man does.
Oh! Great God created everything without the help of man. So the song "All glory" calls our attention to giving God All glory because He created everything purposely for his pleasure.

Hephzibah Muziks (Motunrayo Oloyede) is a graceful gospel music minister. A focused and God's kingdom minded person who is committed to her passion. She combines several qualities such as being a composer, writer and a teacher of the WORD. She does both English and Yoruba songs very creatively. She has performed in so many bigger programmes of gospel kinds both indoors and outdoors. She is the composer of a great inspirational song "Bigger Thanks : Ope Nla". She is ever ready for gospel work through inspirational songs leading people to the Love of Christ with the grace of God upon her.
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