When you are at the level of what to choose,At this point, I want you to take cognizance of the fact that Praise can come from your lips when your heart is far away from God. Yes, its possible, but true praise or worship is a matter of the heart. Its spontaneous, heart-felt and it can be express in any manner. The crooner of  TRINITY comes with another heart-felt worship which will cause to worship the Lord inspite of any problem or trouble you find yourself.

"I was meditating after morning prayer that very day when a thought came to my mind which I was trying to ruminate. Its all about this world! I was thinking about life in general, my home, academics, music life, future, marital and all that surrounds me. Suddenly, I felt sad thinking of all God has done for me though am not wordy but He showed His mercy. As I was deep in thought, the song came as I worship on and on with the song till I have peace in my spirit."

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