Following the successful release of her powerful single " Idi-ukwu" (You are Great),which became a trending topic on social media in just few days of release, Awele  is back with another fantastic single titled "We've Come"
 Awele, a passionate worshiper of God, in this song expresses how privileged we are, to enter into the temple of God to worship. According to her In time past we can only stay at the outer court, only the holy priest were allowed into the temple, but today we mere men through Christ have access as mortal men to worship the Immortal God, it is worth magnifying the king with all joy.

Awele began composing songs as early 9 years when she was in primary school, where she turns her reader and story book into songs for her composing songs is one of the easiest things in my life. She has been on a long walk with God. Handling leadership positions even in church as early as 14years.
She was a student pastor anointed by representative from Redemption camp six months after she got admission for her first degree.
The history Of RCF Delta state University chapter cannot be written without Awele.

Awele draws inspiration of this song from Gods word and encourages you to listen and be lifted.

The track was produced by Chekwas.

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