Wordsmith and lyricist, Sola Shittu @solashittusms has premiered another inspiring single, Ministreet. Featuring the vocal prowess of @Khemisings, Sola
Shittu tells the story of ministering on the streets, a platform favorably shunned by most gospel artistes.

Ministreet will provoke you to deeper thoughts with the nice infusion of indigenous rap laced with a deep understanding of the concept of ‘go ye into all the world’. It is a complete departure from the norm, a pioneering act in the virgin dimension of spiritual songs that are fit for the streets and the pew.

Alongside enjoying the craftsmanship of @PaulCabbin on the beat, the fluency of the delivery of this well-arranged song will have you singing
along after the first verse.

‘Your talent depends on the way you see it,’ he says. ‘You have to arrest it spiritually and harness it, so that the devil will not direct it’.

Sola Shittu has perfected the art of rap storytelling. Gradually, he’s redefining the hip hop genre he has taken by storm. Ministreet is a proof of the shift in
the content of rap songs from mindless bytes to heavy rhyming lyrics where every word is a necessary piece of the whole puzzle.

This song is one for those who will be on the streets. The taste is on the pudding. Enjoy it!


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