The SWAGNIFIED Singer, Sheddy XL is back with a FRESH,inspiring track titled "DO ME WELL". Its "village music" like you've never heard it...

When asked what inspired him,Sheddy XL had this to say "Meehhnn when I look over my life e dey be me like say na film trick...Being an orphan from a very young age,I had to become a fisher boy at age 14 just to make ends meet,combed the streets for daily bread &all,my case was so "hopeless" that some parents didn't allow their children come close let alone have anything to do with me so poverty won't rob off on them,LOL! they just didn't think I'll ever become "anything good" but I see where I am TODAY,how baba God has honoured me,all He's blessed me with,some times I just break down and cry,sometimes I shout "Olo lo we" ..I realise I couldn't have made it this far on my own,It could only be GRACE"

"I dare you to take a look over your life,if where you are now is not where you were 5years ago, if You realise You've made progress in certain ramifications of life and moreso you KNOW you couldn't have gotten that FAR by your power, self effort,not even by you being "SMART",not by your ability to HUSTLE, then this track is for you"...Baba God don DO YOU WELL. 

This INSPIRING Track was Produced,Mixed &Mastered by DR SANKTY @17 17 Audio Lap

... lifted off the sheddy XL"s debut album titled "SPIRIT" Which is scheduled for release later this year 2014. We suggest you anticipate.... Your favourite tracks like YAHWEH,OBANI ft Mike Abdul,WA GBA etc made it on the album. Its a must have,it will SURE Bless You...I dare you ANTICIPATE"SPIRIT !!


Oyana back to d matter, knack d download botton!!

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