After her debut single, Mojubare, Aderayo Adeduro Qadowsh is set to storm the gospel scene with yet another electrifying 3:08mins of a fuse of hip hop and furious genres with her new song titled Temidire.

After an introduction of the many things GOD's done for her, she went on to give praise with classical lyrics in Yoruba.  Qadowsh's been on the backup line for several gospel artists including Lara George, kenny Kore, and indeed has grown from strength to strength starting up from choirs during her early childhood to bands, and now a solo act.

The gospel scene still hasn't recovered from the awesomeness of her debut single Mojuba, and Temidire sure promises to continue in the same track. Temidire is a song of positive confession and testimony.,change your language and Temidire

Despite the dry and thirst in the land, we still declare that the lines have fallen on us in pleasant places. Therefore quit the whining, change your language and say that


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