Farotimi Olumide Emmanuel with the stage name Olumide, also called Lumzy by his friends and colleagues. His love for music started at a tender age but he paid attention to it in 2009.
He is a lover of God, a vocalists and a passionate worshipper who finds great joy in worship, he has also come to the understanding that when we engage in true worship, we move from the physical dimension into a spiritual realm where we download God’s will and through obedience it begins to manifest in our lives.

GOD ALONE dropped in my heart via the inspiration of the Holy Spirit while i was worshiping and singing praise to God on a particular afternoon, at a point while i was worshiping i paused when a thought came to me, by the time i opened my mouth to continue i realised i was already singing the lyrics to a song i never heard nor knew before and all i kept hearing was "God Alone". Affirming the rulership, dominion and supremacy of God who has never changed from the inception of creation and still remains the same. This song simply shares the good news of truth that God does not change and can never be bound by time. The song is produced and mixed by George Daniel.

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