Wordsmith and rapvangelist Sola Shittu is out with OYA WAKE! A track with delivery heavily-loaded with a sense of urgency, underlining the exigency of the message. It features a well crafted verse from one of gospel maestros, LC_beats who puts the message into a parable.

This piece makes it clear that content providers of the ‘gospel’ and ‘Christian’ clout must advance with the seasons and take up the responsibility of dictating the direction of the entertainment industry.

The vocal coordination on the chorus and the punches of the metre speak of great music artistry. “This is not any other hip hop track”. Its crisp, sweet and luscious, you’ll want more.

Do not listen to this track just once- you’ll need to quote lines from it somewhere sometimes soon.’Oya wake’ is a statement, hope y’all listen!


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