'He’s Alive' is a brand new victory praise joint off Nigerian-UK based Gospel music powerhouse - Eloho’s sophomore album - ''Unrestrained''.  A crisp, powerful and vibrant ministration with a message/lyrics so strong & clear.  
This song reminds us of the victory that we have in Jesus, the freedom that we possess to be; and do who God has called us to be.
For everyone that has felt like a failure, a misfit, felt out of place, condemned,unrestrained, rejected, 'He’s Alive' is your song of victory. Rejoice in this victory wherewith Christ has set you free! Therefore is no condemnation as we are in Christ Jesus. 
Get your dancing shoes on because'He’s Alive' is a song of celebration.
''The instrumental and vocal backings add depth to the excellent track''David Aird [Heart of the MatterBlack Diamond FM].
Produced by RockaNation maestro -FLOROCKA. 

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