Raphael Sunday Olabisi a.k.a  Amona born in Nigeria / Lagos a native of Yoruba, one of the major tribes in western Nigeria. He has been singing since the age of six also active in leading various choir groups since then. Later became  choirmaster of various churches in Nigeria and Germany. Since 1994 graduated to the position of  Praise and Worship leader and coach in Voice training and stage presentation.

Amona is married, has four children  also pastor and founder of TWC Fulfillment Centre church "The Worshipers Centre Int." in Bremen Germany. Singing gospel is not only his Passion but his calling, simply making worship simple and fulfilling Life Purpose.

AMONA means Worship Navigational System. Lord Jesus is the way. Amona is the way to his presence via worship. Here is Amona fulfilling life purpose, making worship simple. I was born for a purpose and this is to worship the living God in Spirit and truth. Holy Spirit is my driving force; he is the empowerment given to execute the assignment given by God. Worship is my measurement, it is a lifestyle and standard both my inward and outward being.  Everything about me must praise and worship God. The songs are not mine but inspired by the Spirit of God. He inspires what God love to hear transferred to men to worship God. The songs are inspirational to me.  As a worshiper my heart and search is for worshipers not crowed, because all is about Jesus and my fellow worshipers.

Worship goes beyond  Impacting emotional relieve which is the effect of entertainment, but for impact and transformation in spirit filled and truthful worship. However, inspired songs must be accomplished with the truthfulness of the spirit to invoke the presence of the most high God. Wherever I found myself  leading the people in to God‘presence regardless of the country or continent, my ultimate goal is Impact through Heaven’s presence.

God gave me the GIFT added GRACE to my GIFT, engineered by HOLY SPIRIT= MOTIVATION and FULFILLMENT.

Amona in your Events, programmes or church services guarantees God’s presence and fulfillment.

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