Divine Grace Ogaji, who hails from Kogi State, Nigeria, is a graduate of Public Administration. She got the inspiration of this song titled NA PRAISE from the Holy Spirit (who she calls her Teacher and Friend). In her words, "It is my greatest desire that this song travels to every nook and cranny of the world, bless every listener, heal the sick, comfort the down casted, deliver the oppressed and set the captives free, depopulate the kingdom of darkness and populate the kingdom of God and above all glorify the name of the Lord  Who is my source."

Na Praise is produced by one of Abuja fast rising producer Gawdween Hillary. (A GreenWox Multimedia Session)

Twitter: @GraceOgaji2
Facebook: Divine Ogaji

I don look around and I discover say e no get anything
wey I fit use pay you for all the good good things,
I come remember say na praise be him food oh, that’s why I say no praise I go dey give you
Na Praise 5x
na praise, na praise I go dey give you,
for you no dey collect cloths,
you no dey take food,
money na the last thing wey you go take,
that’s why I say na praise,na praise, na praise, that’s why I say na praise I go dey give you
You turn my life into distinction,
you upheld me so I can not fall,
you save a wretch like me from external doom for ever,Lord Jesus,
you ‘ve been my shield, you’ve been my buckler, you’ve been my helper in times of trouble,
what can I give in appreciation of your love
Chorus till fade...
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