Joseph Tobore Dickson (A.K.A Joey) was born into the family of Mr. Obojeghren Dickson from Delta state, Nigeria. He was born in Kainji New-Bussa, Niger state. He began singing and playing musical instruments at the age of seven.

As a singer and songwriter, he has written several songs with the latest called “KIRODODO”- meaning ‘’like a beautiful flower’’, a song he wrote and sang for his bride on their wedding day. Kirododo is fast becoming the song on every one’s lip the elderly, youths, and even children like the song because of its simplicity .

In this period of National transformation and unity, Joey Dickson is here to use his music for Nation building, family bonding and spiritual upliftment.

His debut album titled ‘’Too much” was released in 2008 and is currently working on his second album which promises to be a hit.

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