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Praise Ahead is an energetic  praise jam from Sola Shittu. It is inspired from a place of intimacy with God.

Praise ahead is a curtain raiser, a powerful praise song with a prophetic tilt. 
Sola Shittu is a multi expression artiste with a strong passion for the Kingdom.

Enjoy this unique piece and praise your way to greater things.


Onyinye O. Chinedo is a music minister that carries grace and fire. 

She is the convener of God's Own ministry, a ministry that has been blessing to people all over the world.

She was formally known as SKY-HIGH, A Gospel musical group in Minna, Niger State. Known with Songs such as; THE GLORY, SO GLAD, IBU'CHIMNAZIA and many more.

In 2020, she released another song titled OVERCOMER produced by Sam Duk

She is starting the year with a brand new single titled "HE NEVER FAILS". A song inspired by the Holy Spirit in a moment of deep worship. It came at the point of her life when everything failed, except God Almighty, the only strength and sources of her living.

In this present world, everything has failed or seems to be failing. But I tell you there is a God that will always remain faithful TILL THE END.

Never Fails was produced by Moses Anthony

Video directed by Korrect Films


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 Ade Jones is a Nigeria-born Gospel singer and songwriter. He was trained in Brazil, and he was a teacher in the South American country before relocating to Europe few years back. In his own words, "As the Lord leads, I follow".

This new song, "Lover Of My Soul", is Ade's third single in 2020, and is a tribute to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. As a matter of fact, Ade experienced a turbulence which could have cut his life short, but it was the Lord that sustained and kept him alive. Hence this song of tribute to Jesus. It's good to note that Ade is currently working on his debut album.

You can stream - Lover Of My Soul - produced by Teekay On D Beat, on all online platforms, and download its free mp3 version here.



Eva Diamond Peace Official Video finally out

Sensational Nigerian Gospel Singer and Songwriter Diamond Ebiere Chris-Ogola popularly known by her stage name Eva Diamond is out with the official video of her hit single titled "Peace".

"Peace" as it's called is a song we very much need in these days, we are really at the end time and it is evident as there was a lot of panicking and upset in the world few months back due to the pandemic but our God is faithful and he keeps his word concerning his Children, assuring us of his protection from the evil one, it says in Daniel 10:19 "And he said, ‘O man greatly loved, fear not, peace be with you; be strong and of good courage.' And as he spoke to me, I was strengthened and said, 'Let my lord speak, for you have strengthened me.” If we seek the face of God in our diverse trials our God who is the same Yesterday Today and Forever will surely show up for if he was able to calm the storm when he rode with his disciples he sure can calm the storm now in your life, you might be going through alot but all you need do is to call on our Lord and He will definitely give you "Peace"

"Peace" by Eva Diamond is a song that truly brings peace, with her delivery and heavenly voice she opens up the windows of heaven, pouring down the comfort and Peace that we so deserve from the bossom of our Lord. Listen to Peace Today and forever know peace in your lives in Jesus Name!

"Peace" is currently available on streaming platforms and for download here, may we all experience the God given Peace in our lives forever more, Amen!


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PEACE Lyrics by Eva Diamond 

In the midst of the storm

Lord you calm the troubled waters


I have no reason to fear

Lord I know you are my helper


I will praise in advance

Cause I know you will come

Through for me

I believe in your word

Cause you never fail

(that's why I say)



Call: You are my peace

Response: Oh yes, Oh yes, Oh yes

You are my peace in times of the storm

Call: You are my Joy

Response: Oh yes, Oh Yes, Oh Yes

You are my joy in times of my  pain


Gospel minister and vocal coach, songwriter and a worship leader per excellence, “Minister Raqell” has released a new sound titled: “Agbara Ki Ba Ti”

Speaking about this song, “Minister Raqell” shared that she wrote this song whilst on a holiday trip to Atlanta Georgia, writing this song and the blessings she got from it was one of the most defining moments in her life and ministry, having been confused on critical decisions she needed to make.

“Agbara Ki Ba Ti” is a song in Yoruba, a language in Nigeria and the kind of Power sung about in this song, is a kind that never fails no matter where on the globe you are. We are in a season where everyone and everything we know as normal has failed, let this sound jerk up your faith, announcing the power that never fails.

It’s time to be blessed by this amazing song revealing Gods power.

Stream on Fidarr and Boomplay here:

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Multi-talented worship leader and prolific song-writer Evans Ighodalo releases a brand new music video titled "YOU ALONE ARE GOD" 

The song "You Alone Are God" was extracted out from the album titled BORN OF GOD


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Evans Ighodalo is an anointed worship leader, song writer and music composer, who in the past 20 years have served at various capacities in the music ministry of churches. His first single “Drink from the river” was released in 2015 and have recorded two Albums, “Born of God” and “You are Worthy” amidst many other singles.

As a songwriter, Evans believes that God’s word is the final authority and this has a major impact in several songs he has written such as: You are Worthy, Drink from the River, Have your way, We lift you Higher and many more spreading across the world as chorus sung in churches with awesome testimonies.

Evans Ighodalo greatest desire is to see lives transform through worship that comes from the heart, the presence of God saturating every listener, giving their lives a total experience of His glory.





YouTube Channel:



Super Talented Nigerian Gospel music minister, composer, song-writer Dorcas Uwague popularly known as "Dorcas Moore" releases a brand new worship single titled "Forever More". 

Produced by Pneuma Sounds

About Artist:

Dorcas Moore is a gifted singer who has great passion for singing with an utmost desire to win souls through music and also propagate the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

FOREVERMORE by Dorcas Moore.

Glory to the Lord,

The Living Word.

Glory to the Lord,

Who lives in us.

Glory to the Lord,

Who reigns in Majesty, Forevermore. (3 times).


Blessed be the Lord,

The Living Word.

Blessed be the Lord,

Who lives in us.

Blessed be the Lord,

Who reigns in Majesty,

Forevermore. (3 times)

Forevermore, You are the King and Lord of lords.

Forevermore, Your Kingdom will rule over all.

Forevermore, We'll raise our voice and bless your name.

Forevermore, Forevermore.


Blessed be the Lord.

Thanks unto the Lord.

Adoration unto the King Who reigns in Majesty, Forevermore, Forevermore  





Facebook, Instagram, twitter: @dorcasmoore_


Anthonia E Zion finally unleashes the exciting and inspirational video to the trending song "GOD OF THE UNIVERSE" Produced by Segigo.


GOD OF THE UNIVERSE is a song of worship, thanksgiving to my Yahweh. It acknowledges God's supremacy as the God of the universe who holds the universe in his hands and he is in charge.

Psalm 24:1 says "The earth is the LORD'S, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.

2) For he hath founded it upon the seas, and established it upon the floods.

"Let everything that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD" (Psalm 150:6). For the Lord commandeth and everything was created. He created all things for His pleasure.

The events of the year 2020, did not catch GOD unawares, the GOD OF THE UNIVERSE who created the heavens, the earth, the universe as a whole is very much aware and by HIS Mighty outstretched hand HE continuous to bring deliverance/freedom and victory to us as we worship Him in the midst of the storm and uncertainties.

The bible reminds us that perilious times or difficult times will arise but in the highs (Mountains) and lows (Valleys) of our lives, we must continue to worship GOD and give HIM thanks. We must not relent in our worship despite the odds. As Paul and Silas who found themselves in captivity for loving and serving GOD did not relent, we should never relent. They prayed and sang in the midst of that storm/in that midnight hour and in the end GOD gave them victory over their enemies. We are victorious in GOD.








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Music coach and worship leader Tommy Tush has yet release another beautiful single titled "This Life", the song will inspire your soul to redirect your life to take every step of your life easy.

In his Words

"This song is dedicated to every one out there who is working hard to live a comfortable life. To every who puts our honest work, hustling daily to make life better for themselves and family, to every young person out there, to every lover of life and hope.. This song is for you

This song is dedicated to everyone who believes in positive change, to everyone who believes things can be better, to everyone who believes in peace. So much disorder and pain in the world. This year has been filled with loss of lives, depression, suicides, racial wars and so many feel life is not balanced.

This song addresses the imbalance and ills in society from the streets to the sanctuary. From family to politics. This song brings hope

I urge everyone to CALM DOWN in the midst of all that's happening nationwide and globally. There is hope and there is a way. This Life is a song filled with depth of wisdom, melodious sound and sticky message." Tommy Tush



This Life is written by Tommy Tush

Recorded by @dotkeez for MicMe Productions

Produced by @21stcenturyproducer

Mixed and Mastered by @artstillbeats

Song duration- 4:21


Tommy Tush is a Nationally Renowned Music Coach, Director of Music, Worship, Arts and a don of Sacred Music, a Songwriter and Singer. He is the Director for Music at Cedars House of Grace Lekki,

Tommy is the CEO of HEMEDY Music City, a Music Empire where music never sleeps and great giants are built to create and transform the music, arts and entertainment industry. His aim, in his own words, is to submerge the whole world in God's Own Music. Through HEMEDY Music City he has successfully coached and trained hundreds of singers, songwriters, musicians, music directors, and artists through several relevant music courses since 2018 till date. Tommy is much sought after Speaker and Lead Trainer for Musicians, Worship Leaders, music teams and recording artists.

He is the Convener of W4, an online conference for Worship Leaders which has been attended by delegates from about 29 nations so far. Tommy is one of the most widely read content creators on Music on social media where tens of his articles gather viral engagement and as a thought leader in the music industry, his teachings are often used as manuals for music practitioners.

As a Music Director, he's had a very successful season leading the Headquarter of Harvest House Globally in Ibadan, raising the Choir- the Anointed to be a model music team, having different arms and with a massive impact across the city, country and continent and now continues great feat at the Lekki Campus of the church. Tommy has written and released several songs Notable among which are Great God, Good God, Faithful God, Abba Father, Favour Covers Me, Lifted, Gbadun Your Way and OBA which has been nominated for Best Worship of the year amongst many other songs

He runs a radio show called Musicians WarRoom which serves as platform to build Spiritually and Technical capable Musicians who maintain a global cutting edge and establish God's Kingdom in Music and Media

Tommy has a strong call to raise God an army of Priests and Kings in the music industry both within and outside the church. This has birthed the Live 360° Music Workshop which has begun to go nationwide, targeted at building excellent music teams. His goal with this is "Changing The World, One Choir at a Time".


Worship leader Joseph Olusola has released another mind blowing Medley highlife, The Praise Medley Highlife is a combination of praise songs inspired by God to be sung as Choruses of praise across the globe.




Joseph Olusola is a quintessential, skilled music minister whose voice to the world is in the aspect of soul winning through music.

From age 8, Joseph has been seen running through several notable musical scales even while in the children choir and He has personally developed His skills helping Him minister music to several audiences round Nigeria and the United States.

Joseph Olusola released His debut album "Oh Lord, my case is urgent" which has been listened by thousands across Nigeria and the diaspora.